DoA vs MCC (i think most were MCC)

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DoA vs MCC (i think most were MCC)

Post  Stankey on Tue Feb 10, 2009 1:56 pm

We played 3 games, won the first but was save so i didnt get a replay but we had cm/pirate top, tinker solo mid, puck solo bot, axe jungle. Then second game we lost with cm/panda top, zues mid?? and potm bot, axe jungle again. This is the replay from the third game. btw apparently this jermz dude is best in nz (this game not a great example lol. His jugg first game was ouch, and his tinker 2nd game.

US Lion/pirate top, potm mid, Spec lock bot.
THEM Sven/lina top, pit lord mid, zues/kotl bot.


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