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Pink_is_Blue =PIB

Post  PIB on Fri Apr 04, 2008 10:36 am

Hey, came up with the name pink_is_blue one day at a LAN party where someone introduced me into WC3. Doesnít mean anything, was just a completely random thought I had ( I have many of these thoughts) and yet provides some interesting arguments from people when I join games.

Originally from South Africa (go the Springboks/ Stormers /sharks) moved here when I was about 6, lived in Auckland, NZ since then. Went to school with Matt (Stankey) and Rich (Hollowlife.Korn). At school I mainly studied PE , business studies and hospitality/cooking. Played a lot of rugby through school, mainly open weight 5th grade then 1st 15, vice captain in my 7th form. Played a lot of water polo as a goalie, school, club, national levels, captain of senior team 6th/7th form. Main focus was cooking ( always good to know how to cook after all), entered a couple national competitions, came 2nd in New Zealand in an open comp, won a nice set of $600 knives. Me and rich used to cook a lot at school, was an easier way to get out of classes that were boring.

Started playing WC3 about 3 and a half years ago, was on a 56K modem so the only maps I could play was enfos and Tdís. then one day someone finally let me dl dota off them so I started playing.
I played dota for about 3 years, mainly using support or intel heroís. Zeus is my favourite character to use, most people hate it when Iím using it on their team (eg stanks) as Zeus appears to be annoying at times. Mainly used Zeus at start cause I could use him with mega delay I sometimes got.
Used to be in the old DOA clan, then went to Clan Emc to play with some of my Asian mates from school in their clan, mostly IH and 5v5 clan wars. Used to go to the local Net cafť with stanks/rich and our Asian mates.

Currently working on my DoA.BOt , just came up with a new script idea that may take awhile to work on, but sorting my bot out so when bjchance heads off we will have a good bot working smoothly that is based in NZ.

Anyways, my lunch break is over, so back to work for me,
If you want to get hold of me when im not online, my email address is ( yea I know, another random thought I had way back)

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Re: Pink_is_Blue =PIB

Post  bjchance on Mon Apr 07, 2008 11:50 am

Oi just so everyone knows PIB got me addicted to Binders.
By the way version 3.0 is out. xD

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